Achenbach OPTIMILL®: Strip Rolling Mills, Thin Strip Rolling Mills, Foil Rolling Mills – Achenbach OPTIROLL® Rolling Mill Automation – Achenbach OPTIFOIL®: Rewinders, Doublers, SepaSlit, HeavySlit, JumboSlit, LightSlit – Achenbach OPTIPURE®: SUPERSTACK II Filtration Systems, AIRPURE Exhaust Air Purification Systems, ROILPURE Rolling Oil Rectification Systems – Achenbach OPTILINK®: CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM FOR EQUIPMENT TO MONITOR PRODUCTION AND ADD VALUE BY VARIOUS MEANS (E.G., CONDITION MONITORING, ENERGY CONSUMPTION ANALYSIS, OEE ANALYSIS).

Achenbach SES

Achenbach in Germany, and SES LLC in Ohio, USA, entered into a cooperation of great benefits for all operating companies of rolling and slitting machinery in the non-ferrous and converting industry in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Achenbach’s cooperation as leading and experienced technology provider from Germany with SES LLC in the USA as a recognized supplier of high-quality machinery for the metal processing industry including accompanying services stand for first-class technical problem solutions. The focus of this close cooperation is on simple up to complex modernization projects and an excellent systems and spare part service; professional consulting is one of the success factors. Please contact us in case of need, or visit our websites or